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    SubjectYamaha Sounddrivers again
    Hi developers,

    I just reread the thread on this topic but haven't got the
    clue yet where the problem exactly is.

    Having read the "documentation" of the YMF754 and YMF744 chips
    it seems to me that a soundcard containing this chips wouldn't
    even need bitfiddling to activate the sb-emulation because it
    it already activated. Maybe bit 0 in register 0x4C should be
    set which activates "Distributed DMA" but that is something I can't
    say because I don't know it.

    After all soundblaster should be available at 0x220 irq 5 dma 0
    or am I missing something?

    If something magic bit (like someone said) is needed to get set,
    why not activate legacy support on a win98 machine and compare
    the pci config space with the linux one? And which tool could
    be used under Win to get this information?



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