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SubjectRe: Running JOBS list.
On Sat, 11 Mar 2000, Arjan van de Ven wrote:
> IrDA _uses_ the PPP zlib. So the nameclash (which I haven't seen yet, could
> you mail me your .config file?) can easily be fixed by fixing the way the
> zlib is linked into the kernel.
> > baddabing baddaboom.
> > perhaps the zlib files should be put into the include tree.
> They are!!! (/usr/src/linux/lib)

they are?

> Other question: are you sure you aren't using cramfs? That had a similar
> nameclash with IrDA.

quite certain of the clash. disabling ppp or irda deflate makes things all

the problem is that the zlib.c and zlib.h files are locally included in both
drivers. both ppp and irda do a #include "../../blah/zlib.h" and zlib.c
rather than #include <zlib.h>.

we seem to have a splattering of zlib files:
nifty:/usr/src/linux# find -name "*zlib*"


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