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    SubjectRe: memory tester and BP6 problems
    Hi John,

    > Can anyone recommend a good app to stress test the memory in my
    > Linux box? I'm getting these strange lockups in a BP6 where
    > the box locks hard, usually emitting a constant beep when it's
    > locked. When I reboot it it usually doesn't come up for about
    > five minutes but instead makes a beep pattern that is alternating
    > a high and lower pitch beep continuously. Never posts. It
    > usually stays up for anywhere from a day to a week. Not
    > overclocked, happens with any kernel config and I've got my ram
    > settings at the most conservative. Also, the temperature stays
    > anywhere from 29C - 34C on the CPU's and in the system as reported
    > by lm_sensors and looking at logs of the temps it is never overly
    > hot when it dies.

    Can you measure the system temperature (ie the Intel 440BX north bridge)
    from the BIOS?
    - I know it gets really hot on the BP6.

    Check the heatsink on it is getting adequate ventilation, and try adding a
    little fan too

    Daniel J Blueman
    Undergraduate - BSc Computing Science
    UMIST university - Manchester
    Direct line: 0161 933 3569
    Mobile: 07775 583766

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