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SubjectRe: [patch-2.3.51-pre2] misc cleanups
Alexander Viro wrote:
> > Anyway, for final user, either they'll never see this because either
> > distro won't provide i686 compiled kernels or they'll provide kernels
> > for all ia32 cpu AND compile in devfs as it fixes some problems (i'am
> > thinking of the possibilty to break the 15 fs limit on scsi disks). So
> > why change this driver ?
> Interesting. Do you imply that Mandrake will use devfs in default setup?

Well, i don't make the mandrake policy. This subject'll need some view
points exchange between us. So my message don't imply anything but my
thoughs :-). I just list the major possibilities for distro

We'll probably support devfs if it don't broke anything (i means not the
whole distro but a few critical programs). a number of programs'll have
to be altered such as util-linux, others such as *fdisk are less
important with devfsd.
However, XFree86-4/glx & Linux-2.4.x will give us enough work...

At first, i was thinking as devfs as a toy (a
solaris_has_it_so_do_we__toy) but it fix/prevent some problems (limited
8bits special inodes numbers, limited fs number on scsi disks which make
diskdrake have special rules for eide & scsi disks, problems for
multiple /dev sound related stuff ownership, and the like).

So, as for me, devfs might be a good thing. But just wait and see. Some
people see it as a "suicide" thing...

somewhere between the playstation and the craystation

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