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SubjectLinux-2.3.51, and the pre-2.4 series..

I just made a 2.3.51 release, and the next kernel will be the first of the
pre-2.4.x kernels. That does NOT mean that I'll apply a lot of last-minute
patches: it only means that I'll let 2.3.51 be out there over the weekend
to hear about any embarrassing problems so that we can start the pre-2.4
series without the truly stupid stuff.

There's some NFSv3 and other stuff pending, but those who have pending
stuff should all know who they are, and for the rest it's just time to say
nice try, see you in 2.5.x.

The pre-2.4.x series will probably go on for a while, but these are the
"bug fixes only" trees. These are also the "I hope a lot of people test
them" trees, because without testing we'll never get to the eventual goal,
which is a good and stable 2.4.x in the reasonably near future. Thanks,


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