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SubjectRe: memory tester and BP6 problems
>>>>> "R" == Raphael Manfredi <> writes:

R> Quoting Richard Torkar:
R> :
R> :

R> Good pointers, thanks a lot!

R> I guess I cumulate the causes for errors: I run 2 rc5des clients, I have
R> a Matrox video card, no cooling on my BX chipset, although I have 2 fans
R> (1 at the bottom sucking air in, one under the power supply to extract
R> hot air outside).

R> And yes, I run VMWare constantly, but lockup have happened without it.

R> : I downloaded the newest BIOS QQ-2 (all my problems vanished)
R> :

R> Why do you call it QQ-2? The file I downloaded is "bp6nj.exe"...

NJ is the previous BIOS version. I think QQ is still considered
beta. I got mine from The stability improvement
of QQ over NJ or older ones is nothing short of amazing.

Scott Henry <> / Help! My disclaimer is missing!
IRIX MTS, / GIGO *really* means: Garbage in, Gospel Out
Silicon Graphics, Inc /

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