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SubjectRe: 2.3.47+ TCP woes traced to tulip driver
> Hello!
> Try appended patch.
> [ Jeff, do you see? You removed request_irq() and gratuitous 50 cycle delay
> required for tulip reset disappeared. As result csr0 was not programmed
> correctly and ... see my previous mail. 8)8)8)

Wow, thanks Alexy! i think this works. Didn't work one time,
locked my box one time, and worked one time, but that's all
probably because i was doing a lot of insmod/rmmod'ing of
various tulip modules as i fiddled with the 2.3.47pre8 tulip.c

Got as far as removing all the tulip_open(), tulip_up(),
tulip_down() patches, basically everything except for the
outl_CSR6() and flags stuff, and that worked. Then got your
mail and added the udelay() into a plain 2.3.47pre8 tulip.c,
and got the above fail/lock result.

Rebooted the box, it worked. Patched udelay() into the 2.3.50
tulip/ tree, and that works as well. i made the udelay(2)
a udelay(4) just in case; figured tulip_up() doesn't get
called often anyway.


> --- /net/minus/home/src/BH/vger3/vger-mirror/linux/drivers/net/tulip/tulip_core.c Fri Mar 3 20:23:07 2000
> +++ linux/drivers/net/tulip/tulip_core.c Fri Mar 10 19:25:52 2000
> @@ -259,6 +259,8 @@
> /* Reset the chip, holding bit 0 set at least 50 PCI cycles. */
> outl(0x00000001, ioaddr + CSR0);
> + udelay(2);
> +
> /* Deassert reset.
> Wait the specified 50 PCI cycles after a reset by initializing
> Tx and Rx queues and the address filter list. */

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