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Subject[OT] Re: Do not use stock RedHat 6.0 kernels with SMBFS!
Verily, thus sayeth Riley Williams upon Mon, 28 Feb 2000:


> >From the comments made earlier, I understood this bug affected
> behaviour both when mounting a Win9x share from Linux and when
> mounting a Linux Samba share from Win9x. However, your comment
> appears to imply that it only affects the former ???
> My query was relating specifically to the latter: How does one
> export a Samba share from Linux in such a way that it can be
> mounted simoultaneously by both Win95 and Win98 systems?

1.) this is a samba issue, not a kernel issue. not really an admin issue,
either, but hey.

2.) It's a question of encrypted vs plain-text passwords; win98 and later
versions of 95 send encrypted passwords, while early 95 sends a plain text
password. your samba is configured to use one or the other. see
ENCRYPTION.txt and the other samba docs.
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