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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] trivial little Makefile patch (2.3.49-2)
    [ Wednesday, March  1, 2000 ] Dunlap, Randy wrote:
    > <quote from David Waite (>:
    > I do not know if this is usb-related as much as l-k related, but this is a
    > patch to fix 'make modules_install'. The order that 'sort' spits out files
    > is not the same as the order of the files when you do a normal 'ls'
    > (sorting by name).
    > </quote>

    - ls -1 -U *.o | sort > $$MODLIB/.allmods; \
    + ls -1 *.o | sort > $$MODLIB/.allmods; \

    I don't see how removing the -U can affect anything with the sort there.


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