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SubjectRe: DVD-ROM problems
I just got my hands on a Toshiba DVD drive (model
1212 I believe) and experience no problems. This
indicates that the drive is storing the disc
length and failing to reset it for DVD's. I
cannot find anyone else with this same drive under
Linux, so I ask anyone who has an Acer DVP1040A or
Pioneer 114 DVD-ROM drive to see if you get
similar results to what I receive on my system.
If so, I'd appreciate some help patching the cdrom
driver to work around this problem (it works fine
in windows). BTW here's the code that I've been
using to read the drive, but it gets the job done:

This also allows one to test for the problem
without applying the UDF or CDROM patches. You
may need to be root to run the program. After
compiling with gcc charcount.c -o charcount you
can run it on any file (for my tests I used
charcount /dev/cdrom). Please CC my e-mail address
when replying.

-Sam Umbach

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