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Subject2.2.15pre6: gfp's 100% reproductable
Hi.  I just (lastnight) installed 2.2.14, and patched it to 2.2.15pre6.
Now, any time I try to telnet to localhost, I get a gfp message on the
console. However, this only happens if I'm running this certain userspace
program, tcplogd. If its not running, I don't get any gfps. If it is, I
get one 100% of the time if I telnet into localhost.

fint:~# telnet localhost 21
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
gfp called by non-running (1) task from c2bdf9e0!
gfp called by non-running (1) task from c2b1a4c0!
220 fint FTP server (Version wu-2.6.0pre4(1)


I can reproduce this (but with diferent values) every single time if
tcplogd is running. 2.2.15pre6, single Intel 233 Pentium.

Burton N Windle

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