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Subject[patch] latest 'guaranteed low latency' patch against 2.2.14

Here is the changelog of

Changes since lowlatency-2.2.13-A1 (many thanks go to William Montgomery
who collected most of these bugfixes):

- fixed trivial bug in #define udelay_resched(n) (William Montgomery)

- fixed cpu idle race condition which allowed idle task to effectively
have higher priority than SCHED_FIFO task. (Jamie Lokier and William

- fixed race in setting need_resched during task switching (me)

- fixed bottom half processing to always allow bottom half processing
have priority over user processes. (Andrea Arcangeli and me)

- fixed signal handling so that a need_resched after a do_signal is
properly noticed. (me)

- fixed ret_with_resched race which occurs when an intr sets
need_resched _after_ it was checked. (Jamie Lokier)

- ported to 2.2.14 (me)

Comments, reports welcome.

-- mingo

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