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Subject[PATCH] PnP 3c509

I tried to change the 3c509 driver to use
the kernel ISA PnP functions. This was tested
with two PnP 3c509b cards. The driver can recognise
them with every combination of PnP enabled/disabled
settings. The driver registers PnP enabled
cards first, it may or may not be better for
i/o and irq resource management. If you don't
like the order in which the cards are recognised,
you can use the "nopnp=1" option to use the old
behaviour. It seems that this order is the same
if all of them are PnP or all of them are non-PnP.

If you use this option first, and change your mind,
the driver correctly re-wakes the cards in PnP mode
after rmmod/insmod without the nopnp=1 option.

If the cards are in PnP mode, it is possible
(and is very likely) that they use i/o ports and
irq lines different from what is set in the eeprom.

Zoltan Boszormenyi
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