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    SubjectRe: pci_alloc_consistent
    First Thomas Sailer <> wrote:
    > I've looked at pci_alloc_consistent and friends. My gripe with it
    > is that dma_mask is not really a per device thing, ESS Solo1 for
    > example can address 32bits for playback, but only 24bits for
    > recording. So shouldn't it be a parameter to pci_alloc_consistent
    > instead of being an element of pci_dev?

    This would also satisfy my gripe about non-PCI devices (i.e. pci_dev==NULL).
    Maybe something like:

    void *dma_alloc_consistent(struct pci_dev *pci, long size,
    dma_addr_t *dmap, unsigned long mask);

    #define pci_alloc_consistent(pci, size, dmap) \
    dma_alloc_consistent(pci, size, dmap, pci->dma_mask)
    #define isa_alloc_consistent(size, dmap) \
    dma_alloc_consistent(NULL, size, dmap, 0xFFFFFF);

    That way we have the same nice pci_alloc_consistent interface (for
    most things), we have a way to override dma_mask for weird
    devices like the Solo1, and we can support non-PCI busses that
    don't have the ISA 16-Meg limitation.

    David S. Miller wrote:
    > What you really want to do in this situation is probe the PCI
    > implementation for what is supported.
    > By this I mean something like:
    > if (pci_dma_supported(pdev, ess_playback_dma_mask)) {
    > driver->playback_enabled = 1;
    > } else {
    > driver->playback_enabled = 0;
    > printk("ESS: Playback disabled on this platform.\n");
    > }

    That's a good idea too, but you still have the problem of wanting to
    allocate pages for the playback pool from a larger set than the
    recording pool.


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