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SubjectRe: Load linux...from linux?
> FWIW using LOBOS and ext3 I can chop my laptop reboot time from 90 seconds
> or so to 43. We'd like to see it down to 5 seconds, much time is lost on
> daemon startup and that initial mount of ext2 where it seems to like to do
> a full-surface-scan of the disk :-)

You can cut these down a lot

mount the ext2fs with the check=none option

The second cool approach is a bit naughty but works rather well. Apply
the software suspend patch, boot the machine to steady state, suspend it
with only a small swap partition then copy that partition
into another partition or file

On shutdown you dd the partition back after you swapoff.

Your reboot then finds the hardware, sets it up, finds the magic partition
and springs back into the position it suspended from


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