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SubjectRe: Linux's future: //posix/ipc, //root and so on ?
Followup to:  <>
By author: "Khimenko Victor" <>
In newsgroup:
> I've just reread Linus's notes about IPC filesystem and to me idea about
> metafiles "above" usual root looks great: //proc for /proc, //dev for devfs
> and so on. No need to mount in every chroot environment, not need to manual
> mount anything at all, easy change of root: just umount //root and mount
> other thing there. And POSIX agrees that //root or //proc CAN be special
> so all is correct. So just kernel changes are needed. Right ? Not quite:

PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE don't use //. It causes HUGE amounts of trouble,
since // frequently shows up due to (inappropriate) concatentation of
paths, or is removed due to overly happy canonicalization.

If you're going to use over-paths use /.. instead.

However, I don't see any reason to use above-root paths at
all... especially for stuff like the ipc filesystem. Just mount it as

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"Unix gives you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot."

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