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    SubjectRe: Load linux...from linux?
    Rob Hall wrote:
    > Now this is an idea... has anyone else thought along these lines?

    Yes, I actually spent half the weekend trying to implement something
    rather similar ;-) I guess I should have spotted LOBOS a bit earlier ...

    All the paging stuff in LOBOS looks quite elegant, but I'm a little
    confused by how it does the final copy. Seems to me that you may burn
    holes into your kernel image this way ...

    (My code maintains a list of "sacred" pages, including the code page,
    which it moves away when it has to overwrite their location. Basically
    the same procedure as in FiPaBoL (part of the linux-7k boot code), but
    less of a mind twister, because it's in C. Also, I leave all the setup
    to user space, so the kernel doesn't even know what it is booting.)

    > would assume that Lilo would have to be rewritten so it could be called upon
    > if the system were reset?

    In the unlikely event of needing to boot a legacy OS (i.e. non-Linux),
    you could just switch back to real mode, try to reconstruct as much of
    the BIOS context as possible, and run its boot sector. Reconstructing
    the BIOS context is the hard bit.

    You don't need anything like LILO at this point, though - all the
    user interaction, loading, etc. can be done by the Linux kernel.

    - Werner

    / Werner Almesberger, ICA, EPFL, CH /

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