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Subject2.3.47: hard freeze reading scsi cdrom on ncr53c810
I have an SMP pentium system, SCSI cdrom on ncr53c810 adapter.
Playing files residing on cdrom with xmms (multithreaded graphical
mp3 player) gives me reproducable hard system freeze. It happens
when new file is opened, not every time but almost so. If I
manage to switch from X screen to text console before this happens,
I see this on the screen:

Code: 0f 0b 83 c4 0c f0 0f ba 2e 00 0f 82 89 bc 0c 00 83 fd 12 74
Aiee, killing interrupt handler

before that, there is a full screen of [<addresses>], not scrollable
(keyboard driver does not work, neither SysRq nor scroll or switch VT).
Addresses from bottom up are in these functions according to

c010a428: system_call (two bytes before ret_from_sys_call)
c013941d: sys_read
c015d7e8: proc_file_read
c015f5cf: meminfo_read_proc
c0136349: si_swapinfo
c010a500: ret_from_intr (exect address)
c010c3e4: do_IRQ
c010c078: handle_irq_event
c019f888: ncr_53c8xx_intr
c019250b: scsi_old_done
c0192c1b: update_timeout
c0198c98: rw_intr
c019350f: scsi_io_completion
c019330e: __scsi_end_request
c018c7b3: scsi_release_command
c01930b5: scsi_queue_next_request
c0193931: scsi_request_fn
c018ccdc: scsi_init_cmd_from_req
c010a57d: error_code
c019b400: ncr_queue_command
c019b400: ncr_queue_command (sic!)
c019b481: ncr_start_next_ccb
c020d787: RCSid (with "r" tag. Before goes "R scsi_device_types")
c4802014: (outside the address range)
c019b56f: ncr_put_start_queue
c010a57d: error_code
et cetera...


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