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SubjectRe: Linux console driver maintainer?
"Mike A. Harris" wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Feb 2000, Guest section DW wrote:
> >What was wrong about different sizes?
> >One thing was that the kernel does not have detailed information
> >about all video cards and video modes, so cannot easily change
> >video modes, so an external program was needed.
> Ahhh... Right. I never thought of that... Well, hmm.. I guess
> hooks could be put in place for a call to a userland tool/daemon
> which could do the video mode change no? Or drivers that detail
> various video modes for a given card somewhat like VESA text
> modes could be put in-kernel...

video mode changing --> see fbdev drivers in drivers/video

> How about this: An in kernel video mode selection driver? It
> could have a nice frontend API to talk to like VESA text
> modes. You could poll the driver and get a list of available
> modes on your current card, then walk the list, and choose an
> available mode.

Sometimes you cannot get the full list of available modes without
specific knowledge of the graphics chipset.

> This would require that the mode tables be in
> kernel, as well as the font, however the fonts are allready in
> kernel anyways.

see drivers/video/modedb.c

> To minimize the kernel bloat, userland tools
> could "load" the kernel's internal video mode tables with known
> modes for this card, and the needed fonts.

Read Geert's paper(s) on fbdev :) and off you go

Jeff Garzik |
Building 1024 | Viva la open source!
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