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SubjectRe: Keyboard freeze problems
On Wed, Feb 23, 2000 at 21:45:02 -0700 (+0000), Christopher Thompson wrote:
> Everything worked fine. Upgrading to 2.2.14 kernel compiled with gcc 2.95
> (oops, sorry), I saw my keyboard non-functional on bootup about 75% of the
> time. Note that it *was* functional in LILO.

So it's not just my imagination - I was sure mine was working in LILO too.
I think I will have (re)booted into Linux after some Glide crashes/screwups
(either that or I've just been playing Homeworld).

UP kernel, K6-2 (366 overclocked to 400 - but no problems so far), gcc 2.95.

Absolutely no other problems.


Windows NT - Unix in beta-testing. PGP key available on public key servers
Debian GNU/Linux -*- because I'm allergic to Prozac -*-

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