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SubjectRe: Oops on 2.2.14 While Doing Direct I/O.
"Jeff V. Merkey" <> said:
> I've noticed that 2.3.X does NOT export the internal calls needed to
> load NWFS as a driver -- I must now compile it within the kernel.

The extensive list of missing symbols looks suspiciously like trying to mix
non-versioned modules with a versioned kernel. Or just trying to use lots
of inline functions without their defining headers.

Better get the stock kernel from the official FTP sites and work with
that. There isn't any guarantee on Caldera's (or anybody elses) private
patches, least of all on development kernels.


> If 2.3 is no longer exporting the attached APIs, then you guys may have
> just added another company to the penguin hatchery (TRG) because we will
> need to provide our own Linux version (with lots of patches) for each
> kernel build to support NWFS and M2FS (our clustered file system for
> Linux) for 2.3 and above.

What for? If you can show the need for this, they will be exported. If you
are able to show a deficiency in the API, it will get changed over long.
Has happened before. If none of the above, you are probably mistaken as to
the way of doing things, and will be enlightened.

Why the combative attitude? You should know by now that the party most
likely to loose, and loose big, in such a take-on-all-the-world quarrel is
Horst von Brand
Casilla 9G, Viña del Mar, Chile +56 32 672616

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