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SubjectRe: Capabilities
Also sprach Paul Jakma:
} On Tue, 22 Feb 2000, Linda Walsh wrote:
} > Just a data point, but when I have trusted IRIX installed,
} > there is no booting up in non-trusted mode. Capabilities are in
} > effect even in single-user.
} Same with Digital/Tru64 Unix. It runs trusted all the way. And if you
} lose the root password you are pretty much screwed... :)
A friend of mine thought up a unique way to get around (maybe) losing the
root password.

Remove the HD from the fscked machine and mount it on another machine.
Then change the shadow file's password for root to * (or whatever "no
password" is). Then return the HD to the other machine.

Voila! Root access :).

|| Bill Wendling

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