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SubjectRe: [solved] Re: SMP, ext2, again: rm: cannot remove file: Input/output errors

On Tue, 22 Feb 2000, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

> If some fs is unmantained it is going to not work in first place after the
> page cache changes (I remeber this was the case for the qnx4 fs a few
> monts ago for example).

Andrea, there is such thing as Please, if
you do not change all filesystems - Cc: it.

> >BTW, _where_ can one call ext2_put_inode() without the big lock?
> shrink_icache_memory -> ... -> sync_one -> ... -> iput -> ext2_put_inode

Oh, crap... Yes, now one can. Which doesn't make it a good idea, BTW.
Why doing sync_all_inodes() here? Instead of just skipping locked ones,
that is.

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