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SubjectRe: accept() improvements for rt signals
Dean Gaudet wrote:
> i think it's better to have a per-task setting which means "use a fd free
> list and don't guarantee me any lowest numbered fd semantics please".

That has problems if you link with a library that requires the lowest
numbered fd semantic. I'm guessing mod_perl is such a library, if you
have a script which spawns another process. Sure you can fix the
library, but what happens when you're simply calling code you don't want
to change?

Perhaps a socket option on the listening socket would be better.

> p.s. i've brought up the tcp proxy as an important application in the past
> and it's been pooh-poohed... but it's becoming more important. apache is
> a monolithic server and it's becomming more and more difficult to link in
> everyone's favourite library. a much more scalable (in the software
> management sense) approach is to use a bunch of distinct webservers, each
> handling a portion of a urlspace. the direction things are headed is that
> we'll have a very efficient front-end HTTP proxy/cache which communicates
> with several backend dynamic servers. see zach's phhttpd work for
> example.

One day this will be called "layer 5 routing" and every switch worth
paying for will do it in hardware... :-)

-- Jamie

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