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SubjectRe: lowlatency-2.2.14-B1 + 2.2.14aa7 fixes crash, but...

On Mon, 21 Feb 2000, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

> On Mon, 21 Feb 2000, William Montgomery wrote:
> >Any ideas?
> I had a fast look at the buffer.c part of lowlatency-2.2.14-B1 patch and
> the bh->b_count++; schedule(); bh->b_count-- added in buffer.c are buggy.
> Also the schedules in brelse/bforget are buggy since such functions are
> never been supposed to block.
OK, I commented out the bh->b_count++; schedule(); bh->b_count-- in
buffer.c and got the expected result; stuck process problem goes away
and latency increases to 12msec.

Apparently the schedule() is needed, what is the safe way to do it?
What is the scenario which results in the stuck process?


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