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    SubjectRe: lowlatency-2.2.14-B1 + 2.2.14aa7 fixes crash, but...

    On Tue, 22 Feb 2000, William Montgomery wrote:

    > Sorry, I spoke too soon. It just took longer this time.
    > BTW, my machine no longer crashes/oopses it only gets a stuck process.
    > I now have /bin/sync stuck in state D. Details below:

    it could either a bug in the lowlatency patchset (likely), or a bug in the
    kernel (less likely but possible). Could you remove all lowlatency changes
    that are in the sync_buffers() function, or buffer.c/fs.h functions called
    by sync_buffers()? It's tough to debug problems like this (apart from
    considering all the changes done) - some sort of blind searching might
    help. It's likely a change in fs.h or buffer.c.

    the b_count++; schedule(); b_count-- solution is buggy as is but
    conceptually ok - do a 'b_count++; schedule(); b_count--; goto repeat;'
    and everything should be fine. (careful, there is one codepath where 'goto
    repeat2;' is the correct solution because there are more loops within one

    -- mingo

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