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SubjectRe: Question about stat()
In article <>,
Matti Aarnio <> wrote:

> Amicable goal, however I do suggest that programmer mindset is
> that "time_t*" is time with ONE SECOND resolution.

programmer mindset has also included such things as

sizeof(int) == sizeof(*)


sizeof(long) == sizeof(*)

And, just like what happened in these cases (well, it's still happening
in the sizeof(long) == sizeof(*) case) people will learn.

I'd love to see time64_t be a non-scalar type and force people to
use time64diff(), time64add(), time64sub(), et al to extract the
contents of it instead of the seductively simple approach of using
scalars that we have now.

> If you want to create a new type, call it, say:
> nanotime64_t


david parsons \bi/ date_t would work.

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