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Subject[2.2.14] Vortex2 hangs system
I'm running a VIA MVP3 mobo w/ k6-2/450, and I already read some web pages
stating that the VIA MVP3 has problem with sound cards and AGP video
cards. 2.2.14 just crashes the system anytime (even if I'm not using the
sound card at all), but it always seem to happen when the video is
updating, or when I'm using the netcard. (both the netcard and sound card
are PCI).

I know there's a drivers/pci/quirks.c file to fix some quirks on many
mobos, but I'm just plainly not sure it fixes this hanging. The latest
kernel, 2.3.47, seems to fix a lot more quirks, but not on the VIA MVP3

I'm running the Aureal 1.0.5 drivers. It could be a problem with their
drivers, but as I can see, I'm the first to report system hanging with
those drivers, so I suspect the chipset of being the problem. My mobo is a
FIC PA-2013 upgraded to the latest BIOS (but I haven't tested thoroughly
with the new BIOS though; I haven't had the courage to reboot in linux
after my system hanged three times in the same day) :) The Windows drivers
seems to have a fix on that but still last time it hanged (it's
normal!) while I was watching one of those cool A3D demos, but the sound
continued to play (unlike linux where everything hanged solid).

Does the 2.3.xx tree fixes this problem? The stock 1.0.5 drivers won't
compile on 2.3.xx, though there's a patch made to work on this branch
(haven't tested it yet).

- JL

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