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SubjectRe: An article from Microsoft
didn't we already have this conversation??
Linux Myths
Posted: October 4, 1999

anyone can write anything, especially on the weeb, the pain comes from the fact that people believe M$ words as if it were gospel.

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From: Amin Omidzadeh Khosrowshahi <>
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Sent: Monday, February 21, 2000 3:20 AM
Subject: Fwd: An article from Microsoft

Hey kids,

Have a look at this Microsoft Article. I really am wondering if Microsoft can
write such ... !!

PS. Sure that I'm not responsible for this article. I really hate MS!

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Subject: An article from Microsoft
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 12:32:18 -0800
From: kasra yousefi <>

This article is from the Microsoft NT Server Web site.

Amin Omidzadeh Khosrowshahi 161093

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