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    SubjectRe: Oops in 2.2.15pre7

    > > Do you mean that this will be enough, and similar thing in tty_io.c?
    > Only not here! synchronize_irq() must follow fasync list modification.
    > You modify list and then wait for readers. See?
    As I see it will be:
    CPU0 CPU1
    kill_fasync unattaching this list node
    start to work on next (*)
    list node kfree_s it.
    Access fasync->next >(OOPS)

    Or do you mean that synchronize_irq must be inserted in (*) (see patch)?
    If this is not right, too, then show your version, pls.

    --- socket.c.orig Mon Feb 21 16:38:03 2000
    +++ socket.c Mon Feb 21 16:39:34 2000
    @@ -521,6 +521,7 @@
    + synchronize_irq();
    kfree_s(fna,sizeof(struct fasync_struct));
    return 0;
    @@ -536,6 +537,7 @@
    if (fa!=NULL)
    + synchronize_irq();
    kfree_s(fa,sizeof(struct fasync_struct));
    > Correct reader will see either list before modification or after modification,
    > both of them are valid. kill_fasync() is correct reader,
    > I do not know about tty_io.c.
    In tty_io.c we have function fasync_helper, which is much the same as
    socket.c::sock_fasync (besides that it works not with sockets),
    and the only difference is that in fasync_helper we *do* have sti/cli
    (Alan quoted that part from fasync_helper), and sock_fasync does not have

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