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    SubjectRe: 2.3.4x softnet watchdog and (isdn) demand dialing
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > > One thing we could do is export the dev_watchdog_up() and
    > > dev_watchdog_down() functions from net/sched/sch_generic.c
    > > and allow you to call them.
    > irda and some wan devices also need this. I would prefer we hid the details.
    > How about allowing adding to the netif macros so there is a way to say
    > both stop and pause. Unfortunately stop seems to have been used for pause 8(
    > netif_suspend_queue(dev)
    > netif_resume_queue(dev)
    > and hide the watchdog in the nice softnet API
    > ??

    FWIW davem added this in a 2.3.47 pre-patch, as

    netif_device_detach(), and

    The plan is to have these do a dev_watchdog_{up,down} in addition to
    what they current do in the pre-patches.

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