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SubjectRe: alpha update for 2.3.47-6
On Sun, Feb 20, 2000 at 04:41:59PM +0100, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> As first thanks for the updating work. I am mainly interested to check the
> sable and rawhide archs that are the SMP ones. I see you are not handling
> SMP irqs there yet in your patch. Is possible to handle SMP irqs with such
> archs? Could you point out me the sepcs of the two archs? thanks.

For rawhide see For
sable, I have no docs -- you might see if you can get them from
Jay Estabrook.

Rawhide can most definitely do smp irq handling properly. I just
didn't want to confuse the issue, not being able to test that one.

> I don't understand why you feel more happy in having
> include/asm-alpha/hw_irq.h in the wrong place arch/alpha/kernel/irq_impl.h
> instead of its right location where I moved it in my last patches to make
> the irq code architectural clean?

MY point is that <asm/hw_irq.h> is _NOT_ architecturally clean.
It provides _NOTHING_ needed by generic parts of the kernel.

And in my not so humble opinion, if it isn't needed by anything
outside the backend, I shouldn't have to expose it to anything
outside of the backend.

> And you have still to keep hw_irq.h empty to satisfy
> include/linux/irq.h ;).

Yes, and that's too bad. Perhaps we can get this bit o sillyness
cleaned up in the x86 port as well.

> I think you are missing the larger picture that is you'll have
> to put hw_irq.h in the right location for sure in the long term
> (irq.c in linux/kernel/) and so your current move to the past
> where such code was just ready for the long term move make no
> sense at all.

If and when that happens, we can rearrange things. When I see
what's needed for such a generic irq.c, I'll put what's needed
in that file. But even if that happens irq_impl.h will STILL
exist, because e.g. init_pyxis_irqs has no business in asm/hw_irq.h.

> Please revert the buggy move and resend the patch to Linus. thanks.

No. Please respect my wishes on this and do not send Linus
a patch to move it back.


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