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SubjectRe: Capabilities

> > If you want to elevate some priviledges, make it setuid 0 (that will
> > give it all capabilities) and you can now copy forced into
> > allowed. You are done. You have nice compatibility (ls) for free, and
> > you have 32 more bits for your use!
> Who says running as UID == 0 gives you all capabilities? Why have a

Backwards compatibility.

> distinguished root user at all? OTOH, it does make sense to have a program
> that can modify files belonging to DNS, and which is allowed to bind to a
> low port, but nothing else. The UID/GID (and ACL) stuff and capabilities
> are complementary.

I said that different uid is where this gets ugly ;-). Take a look at

(Program that can modify files for DNS and which is allowed to bind
low port is doable with elfcap, but not with this proposal, because
there are no additional bits to store "new uid" as I do in elfcap.
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