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SubjectRe: Question about stat()

Alex Buell writes:
> On Sat, 19 Feb 2000, Matti Aarnio wrote:
>> The VFS layer carries only time_t object for files, so even
>> if FS supplies finer granularity, you can't get it thru the VFS..
> Hmm. That seems to be a problem, as part of our work, we get a lot of
> files through ftp. We then need to sort them in exact time order, which
> means accuracy down to the microsecond is required as the ftp transfer
> runs so quickly that files gets saved with the same time_t value. Doesn't
> matter, I'll do an extra sort on the filenames anyway for the same time
> range.
> We could do with a much more precise time_t structure for the future,
> methinks.

The code will be ugly. It is better to push bloat out into libc
than to have it in the kernel.

How about 64-bit nanoseconds? This fixes the year-2038 problem too.
(this is for the VFS and new filesystems)

For ext2, maybe milliseconds or 1/1024 second units would be good.
That fits the 3 normal time stamps into one __u32, of which we have
very few to spare.

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