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SubjectRe: TCP bug? hanging outgoing connections in 2.2.14 (Jeremy Fitzhardinge)  wrote on 18.02.00 in <>:

> On 18-Feb-00 wrote:
> > Hello!
> >
> >> stuff. Think cell-phones that can do POP3. Maybe not today, but never
> >> dismiss the lure of the internet and the stupidity of devices ;)
> >
> > Actually, our TCP does not ingore them. It should work with such winodws.
> > And 4096 is even not small, it good large window 8)
> >
> > I think target SMTP server simply does not want to talk to us
> > by an unrelated reason.
> Yes. It turned out to be trying to query my non-existant ident server, and
> then ignoring the ICMP message my firewall rules sent it. It just sat there

Seriously broken.

> in a staring match with my mail server until my end timed out. An unrelated
> but confusing effect is that the other end only accepts one connection from
> each source IP address, so when I telnetted to the other end it dropped the
> first connection.

IMAO, also broken.

> Fix: install a no-op ident server.

And revise your original idea that the comp-risks home couldn't be
strange. It is. (Probably report this for the next digest?)

MfG Kai

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