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SubjectRe: alpha update for 2.3.47-6
On Sun, Feb 20, 2000 at 09:49:28PM +0100, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> A noop is different than nothing. Also flush_page_to_ram is a noop, but we
> have to define it to be a noop to be right.

flush_page_to_ram I understand -- it is trying to compensate for
systems without coherent dma. If I have coherent dma, I don't
need to do anything.

hw_resend_irq I don't understand. All I see is one implementation
that uses hw to re-send an interrupt to either the local cpu or
to the system (it is not immediately obvious which). The sole
comment I find about IRQ_REPLAY is "when Linux resends an IRQ
that was dropped earlier". But unlike x86, we have no method
to resend, and it certainly appears that a noop would not accomplish
what the code expects.

Please enlighten me.


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