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SubjectRe: Of removable devices
In <> Vojtech Pavlik ( wrote:
VP> On Fri, Feb 18, 2000 at 02:48:16PM +0100, David Balazic wrote:

>> > > At the same time - the fix is hardware, the PC isnt fixable for this the
>> > > CD-ROM drives are. The 2.2.x supermount stuff does that bit right
>> >
>> > Exactly. As far as there are no automatic gear for floppies you can not
>> > avoid manual unmount if you want reliable work.
>> But you CAN ,as at least AmigaOS proves.
>> If you didn't understand it at first, I'll repeat it :
>> IT CAN BE DONE !!!!!!

VP> Yes, but AmigaOS didn't do it on PC hardware. They did use the same
VP> floppies PC does, but a different controller. PC floppy controller
VP> updates the disk change flag only after stepping the head. If you don't
VP> want to step the head constantly (and also spin the motor all the time),
VP> you can't check for floppy insertion/removal easily.

In this tread situation was already cleared: Amiga used the same floppy
controller. It just asked controller to move head from cylinder 0 to
cylinder -1. Controller will not move head (it can not be done) but will
update disk change flag... On oldier versions of floppy Amiga actually moved
the head once per second...

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