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    SubjectRe: Congrats to Richard Gooch
    Khimenko Victor writes:
    > In <> Garst R. Reese ( wrote:
    > > I have followed with some interest the saga of devfs.
    > > Complete with radical activists vs. Peter's questions of "what's it
    > > for?"
    > > Richard's patient explanations, and devoted support with timely patches.
    > > There is a big time lesson here for people with a strong belief in their
    > > idea.
    > > Hat's off to Richard Gooch for his persistance and also to hpa.
    > > There are many lessons here for contributors.
    > > Garst
    > > 46-5
    > What should be done now is to clean up all stuff. Gooch done
    > everything he can himself. Now when devfs is part of official kernel
    > it's time to polish up devfs further. For example situation with ZIP
    > drives does not look right to me. When there are no zip disk in
    > drive and module is not loaded there are no
    > /dev/ide/host0/bus1/target1/lun0/part4 . If I'll put zip disk in
    > driver and will try to mount it ide-floppy will be loaded and
    > mounted. So far so good. The bad thing happens when I try to mount
    > zip disk when there are NO zip disk in drive. Then only
    > /dev/ide/host0/bus1/target1/lun0/disc is created, not
    > /dev/ide/host0/bus1/target1/lun0/part4 :-(( So even if I'll put zip
    > disk in drive I can not mount it :-((
    > IMO right way to deal with this situation is to add some "rescan"
    > function in devices. So you can force rescan of attached devices
    > without driver unloading and loading again. This problem exists
    > there without devfs (if I turn my SCSI scanner after system reboot I
    > can not use it -- I need to restart system), devfs just make it more
    > pervasive...

    Devfs already has a rescan facility. SCSI and IDE removable drives are
    using this. Someone should look at the IDE subsystem and figure out
    if and why this isn't working. I can't test it myself.



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