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SubjectRe: PCMCIA still doesn't work for 2.3.46-pre2
> > > The difference seems to be that this card is 16 bit, whereas the other
> > > card is (it had better be!) 32 bit.
> >
> > How do I find out whether my card is a 16 or 32 bit one?
> > I believe it should be an 32 bit one because it's an 100/10 Mbit
> > NIC (Xircom Realport 100/10/56k (REM56G)) but it's dogslow like an
> > 16 bit one (max. 1 MB/s per ftp).

That's easy. Look at the connector end (top up) to the left. Cardbus cards
and pcmcia cards differ at that spot. This is the best I can do in ascii:

+---- top
| connector
+----- bottom
^ this part is thick on cardbus.

+---- top
+----- bottom
^ this part is thin on pcmcia. This is so that cardbus cards won't fit into
a system that doesn't support cardbus. (This is what I assumed, but I don't
believe all manufacturers made the slots that way)

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