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    SubjectRe: Slow booting
    On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, David Lang wrote:

    >> This sounds like the "compact" option has been left out of
    >> lilo.conf as, unless I'm mistaken, that's exactly what LILO does
    >> when it's missed out. You may wish to try with that included and
    >> report what difference it makes, if any.

    > It is not there (I am useing the stock slackware disks) I will
    > try this and see what happens.


    > why does this not cause a problem on the slower/older machines?

    I would presume they are just slow enough not to be able to read two
    consecutive sectors on the floppy in a single rotation. However,
    that's simply guesswork, I've no real idea...

    Best wishes from Riley.

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