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SubjectRe: Does anybody try to compile the 2.3 kernels at all ? :((
Hi Arjan.

>>> As I do recall, someone here did say that he does compile all
>>> 2.2.xx kernels with all imaginable config combination with 100%
>>> success rate...

>> Not that I've seen. Someone stated that he compiles the kernels
>> with all options that are supposed to work set to "Y", and
>> somebody else stated that they do the equivalent modular
>> compile, but I've seen nobody state that they try all possible
>> combinations for every kernel.

> I did compile a LOT (over 2000) of more or less random
> configurations for the 2.2.14 kernel. I also fixed all but 3
> problems.

It also wasn't you I referred to in the above comment, nor was it
Alan Cox. I saw both those comments in posts from people I didn't
recognise, and you know I've been on this list long enough to
recognise all of the regulars...

> Sergey Kubushin is just trying to be an ass because he quotes me
> wrongly.

Perhaps. He's certainly wrong in what he claims.

> I wrote on l-k that all _BUT THREE_ configurations were supposed
> to work. I even named all three of the problem cases.

I have to admit that I hadn't even seen the post you refer to when I
wrote the reply quoted.

> Now, in the same thread, he puts the words in my mouth as if I
> said that 100% would compile, and gives one of the exceptions I
> gave him as proof that I am a liar.

> That doesn't mean I like the hfmodem-bug (or the other two
> bugs), it just means that the right fix just isn't found yet.

All too true.

> Before I take Sergey serious again, I expect him to send Alan a
> decent fix for the hfmodem problem....

Before *I* take him seriously again, I expect him to have posted fixes
for ALL THREE of those bugs, and not only to Alan but to this list as

Best wishes from Riley.

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| in other words, I can implement this XXXX feature, but I bet someone |
| else has already done so and is just about to release their patch. |

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