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SubjectRe: lowlatency-2.2.14-B1 + 2.2.14aa7 fixes crash, but...

On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, William Montgomery wrote:

> all FAILED hunks except in entry.S for the following code snippit:
> -----part of entry.S.rej-------
> testl $(VM_MASK),EFLAGS(%esp)
> movl %esp,%eax
> jne v86_signal_return
> xorl %edx,%edx
> + #else
> + pushl $0
> + pushl %eax
> + #endif
> call SYMBOL_NAME(do_signal)
> + addl $8,%esp
> + #endif

> I think I can fix the FAILED hunk but I would feel more confident if I
> knew what this code was doing. Can you give a brief explanation of
> the ikd additions in this area?

thats a workaround i added ages ago - we switch off the FASTCALL macro
(regparm calling-convention extension of GCC which passes up to 3
parameters through %eax, %edx, %ecx) - in the IKD case the parameters go
through the stack, in the non-IKD case edx (second parameter) is zeroed,
eax is passed in as-is.

IKD triggered problems (likely bugs in previous GCC versions) if regparm
was used together with -pg (GCC's function-prologue profiling extension
calling _mcount). mcount() is the basis of the majority of IKD
'anti-lockup' and tracing features.


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