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SubjectRe: Scheduled Transfer Protocol on Linux
>I believe it's possible, but I think Larry's estimates of 50% extra cost
>($200 -> $300) are off the wall. The Itsy shows you can make Linux boxes
>small enough, but the pricetag (several thousand $) also shows that it's
>economically impractical.

Excuse me ?

Where does it say that an Itsy costs several thousand $ ? The LART (see
.sig) is very similar to the Itsy, and its prototypes didn't cost more than
US$600 each. Even in small volume (qty100) this drops down to $250. And
that's for a machine that's heavily overqualified to do the tasks that
Larry was talking about.

My estimate is that adding a minimal StrongARM+100BT to a disk drive adds
$40-$50 maximum to the BOM cost at volumes >10k; less if you go for higher
quantities and stuff an SA-1 (or other fast core) and integrated 100[0]BT
into an ASIC.

[who would be surprised if the Ethernet transformer wouldn't be the
dominating factor in the PCB area calculation]

LART. 250 MIPS under one Watt.

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