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SubjectRe: 2.3.44: keyboard: Timeout - AT keyboard not present?
On Sun, 13 Feb 2000, Vojtech Pavlik wrote:

> No, this is not normal, it means there is a problem communicating to
> the keyboard. Do the LEDs work on your keyboard at all?

Yes. However, it does seem to be acting a little odd. When it booted up
the num lock light was on, but when I pressed capslock to check it, num
lock went out.

It also seems to be inserting random characters every so often. Examples:

"check 'it" when I typed "check it"
"beef" when I typed "be "
"cha7racters" when I typed "characters"
"Examples:B" (shift key then acted 'stuck' until next pressed)

I'll just double-check that it's kernel-related; I normally run a 2.2
kernel on this machine, so I'll try that for a while to check that it's


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