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SubjectRe: Scheduled Transfer Protocol on Linux
 > : Why?  So you can log in to your disk drives and run emacs?
> No, so I can log in and run vi :-)


> The real reason is that I get network attached storage and I can have
> any sort of service I want running on the drive. Perhaps you don't
> see the whole picture. For my $300, I get a computer, not a disk
> drive. I'm not plugging these drives into a machine, I'm plugging
> them into the network. They are little servers.

So for $100 dollars you get a CPU, a network interface, and enough memory to
run Linux? Ok, that seems possible.

But I don't see why you would want to build that into a disk drive. What do
you do if a drive goes bad? It would make more sense to have a little cage
running all this stuff that you could hot plug regular drives into. You could
spend a little more money and build such a cage that holds a couple drives,
then I think it would make perfect sense to run linux on the cage to give you
cheap "mini" network servers. I would imagine such devices could sell for
around $150-200 for 2-4 drive capacities. They could have a boot prom to
netboot a kernel, and wouldn't really need much else.

Zachary Amsden (650) 933-6919 09U-510 Core Protocols

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