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SubjectCMI8338/8738 PCI sound chip - recording problem
Dear all,

I am awefully sorry that I have to drop in and interrupt you with
this question. It is simply so itching -- I've got to try IBM
ViaVoice under Linux and Chinese language dictation -- one of my
dream with Linux, but it simply can't record anything.

(I am a Chinese and ViaVoice could be ideal for me to write Chinese
Linux doc or living event reports.)

Yes, CMI8338/8738 chips ARE supported by cmpci.o in RedHat 6.1 or
later Mandrake distribution. I can happily playing MP3 in XMMS with it.
My problem is recording.

PC100 (from a small Taiwan company maybe) integrated
with CMI8738 PCI and PCtel micromodem.
RedHat 6.1
Automatically done by sndconfig. The audio sample sounds
awefully harsh, but XMMS and gmixer works fine (with the
playing back settings).
Can't record anything from any sources. But mic input can be
heard in headphone, volumn/mute adjustment OK.

dd /dev/audio > and then
cat > /dev/dsp (the extact command I use is copied
from Sound-HOWTO, didn't remember extactly here, (I am in Windoz)).
produce nothing but quietness.

cat /dev/sndstat shows "no such device"
no /proc/sound file,

cat /proc/modules: (sorry can't remember the details

cat /proc/interrupts /proc/ioports, cmpci shows up there too.

What could be the problem ? I wrote an email to the author of
cmpci.c but got no responce. Should I have to reverse engine
Windoz driver and check cmpci.c line by line to find the reason ?
Could I debug a loadable kernel module without too much disturbing
of my normal use ?

Best regards,
Xiong Jiang

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