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SubjectRe: Gigabit Linux Server Bottlenecks
>>>>> "Bjorn" == Bjorn Wesen <> writes:

Bjorn> On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Zachary Amsden wrote:
>> > > Well in order to use it and really gain on it for transmit, you
>> want > > scatter/gather skbuffs, something which I really want to
>> look at > > (provided I can find the time). If you are doing the
>> data copy anyway, > > there checksum is almost free.

Bjorn> Is the idea that the skb data pointer instead will be a kiovec
Bjorn> ? So that the kiovec can point to the locked down COW-marked
Bjorn> pages in memory where the data came from, released when TCP
Bjorn> finally acks it ?

Something along those lines, and have the first element in the kiobuf
be the data area containing the headers.

Bjorn> But the tail and head of the skb, that will still be in
Bjorn> skb-local memory right ?

Most of that relates to where the headers are currently located, it's
something we need to look closer at how to deal with when designing

Bjorn> I'd love to see that work - we run linux on embedded HW and
Bjorn> every less copying of data can be a pretty performance win. And
Bjorn> our ethernet HW is already scatter-gather.

Well, I should sure help on Gigabit Ethernet and HIPPI as well.


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