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SubjectRe: 2.3.43 alpha broken with >2g of ram
On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Peter Rival wrote:

>I did try it, and sent a failure note to axp-list, yourself, and Jay. Only Jay

FYI: I don't listen to axp-list thus if you like me to read your faliure
note post your messages to

>JSYK, it blew up when trying to scan the QLogic 1040B adapters in the system
>for drives, complaining of SCSI command timeouts. This is both with the driver

You are been lucky it broken so early, if it would have booted it would
have corrupted your fs.

>out your -2 patch. If someone can point me to a qlogicisp driver that they
>believe works correctly, I'll give them an answer if I get it before the end of

If you are so unlucky to use USB or bttv or _whatever_ else driver (not
yet fixedup after the breakage) that does some kind of PCI-DMA you'll
break as well.


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