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SubjectRe: Linux Status For 2.3.x: v 2.3.43
On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Alan Cox wrote:

> > On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Alan Cox wrote:
> > > Truncate races (Debian apt shows it nicely)
> > I'm really curious what exactly this is?
> Here is a sample: I've no idea why apt happens to be the great trigger
> of this either.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> > I've noticed, when I'm running either plain vanilla 2.3.39 or 2.3.40, upgrading
> > a pile of debian packages thru apt (download via ftp, temporary spooling of
> > the .deb in /var/apt/cache, then bulk installation of each .deb), the
> > apt software stop on an error, due to a corruption of a freshly installed
> > package file list (a file containing the full path of each file installed by
> > a particular package).
> >
> A well-known problem for me. I end up rebuilding the file list form the
> .deb
> dpkg never breaks more than one file at a time, as it stops when
> encountering
> the first broken one.
> I got the impression that "truncate" was broken with a race of some kind
> when the new pagecache went into 2.3.x (2.3.7?) dpkg doing a upgrade
> truncates and rewrites a list file for every package upgraded, which
> typically
> is a lot of files. And there are lots of other disk activity while this
> goes on.

Hmmmm. Is this SMP or IDE related?

I have been running v2.3.xx since xx == 12 or so, with some skips for kernels
that didn't compile without PCI etc, quite some time with v2.3.38 and now I'm
running v2.3.42. I'm running Debian Potato (well, I've set the distribution to
Woody now, actually, but that's beside the point here, I guess) and do all my
updates via apt-get. No problems whatsoever. This is on an admittedly slow
computer (486slc2/50) so maybe it's too slow to trigger race-conditions.
Still, this might be a point of information that can be useful.


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