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SubjectRe: [PATCH] devfs v99.11 available
In <> James Simmons ( wrote:

>> This is against 2.2.14. Highlights of this release:
>> - Ported devfs-patch-v99.10 to kernel 2.2.14
>> - Moved /dev/tty0 to /dev/vc/0

> Why did you move tty0 to vc/0 ? The console system will be changing for
> 2.5.X. It will become multihead aware which means that we might end up
> with /dev/tty representing physical heads and /dev/vty to represent
> virtual consoles.

There are EXECTLY one tty with devfs now: /dev/tty - current tty for process.
I think this name is used that way even before Linux. Now there are
/dev/vc/* to represent virtual consoles and /dev/vcc/* to represent color
virtual consoles (i.e. virtual consoles with attributes). /dev/tty0 was
"current" virtual console. So it naturally belond to /dev/vc/0 . With multihead
one additional directory can be itroduced for physical heads
(/dev/<something>/*) but /dev/vc/* will be virtual consoles anyway and
/dev/vc/0 will be current virtual console. You can not use names /dev/tty/*
for "physical heads" and use /dev/tty at the same time (even with devfs you
can not have character device and directory with the same name in one
subdirectory). So what's strange with this decision ?

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